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Core Process Psychotherapy is one of the original Mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic approaches. It draws on the principles of Mindfulness and the psychology of relationship to offer a whole-person presence-centred approach…

Psychotherapy is for anyone who feels stuck in their current life situation. It offers a non-judgemental, safe, compassionate space - an opportunity to explore your thoughts, inner feelings, fears and concerns with a professional practitioner in complete confidence.

Some of the issues explored in psychotherapy….

…a psychologist’s view

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Patricia Taddei
M.A., Dip Supv. Dip. Mind
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

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Karuna Institute Member of Staff

A one-day workshop with John MacFadyen
9.30 - 5.00pm 14 October 2018
Wellspring, 13 Smith’s Place, Edinburgh

This workshop will Introduce participants to the concepts of  ‘humility’,  ‘remorse’ and ‘compassion as they relate to the process of ‘working through’ past traumas.

What therapeutic value do these concepts have as heart felt approaches to transcending the emotional confinements of ‘shame’, ‘blame’ and ‘guilt’. 
Corrective re-experience is a lifelong task of the self, requiring higher developmental awareness, patient endurance and a depth of self compassion.

Mindfulness is a mind training which involves awareness, attention and intention

Regular practice grows inner spaciousness, conscious awareness, and a deepening sense of presence

Mindfulness cultivates a more compassionate way to relate to self, others and the world

It builds our capacity to respond to life events rather than react

“I loved this course to my great surprise. It has been a revelation. My sleep is returning and I feel much calmer. Long may I continue to do this!”

“The pacing was perfect. The programme excellent and insightful.”

“I found the entire course very enjoyable and feel I have gained a very valuable skill to help myself in very busy and stressful times.”

What the research tells us about Mindfulness practice…

  • Enhances mental and physical well-being, resilience and stamina
  • Improves working memory, creativity, attention span
  • Lifts mood - less likely to experience psychological distress
  • Reduces anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability

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